Occu-Smart® Technology

Occu-Smart® is motion sensor controlled bi-level lighting


Utilizing state-of-the-art components, and multiple
output options, Occu-Smart® now saves more
energy than ever before. Some models use as
little as 2 watts during unoccupied times and no
one is ever left in the dark. Occu-Smart® LED is
DLC qualified for many utility rebates.

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Occu-Smart Lighting

Occu-Smart® is motion sensor controlled bi-level lighting. Incorporating a custom designed highly sensitive ultra-sonic motion sensor with multi-level ballasts, lighting is kept at low energy saving light levels during un-occupied times, with full light levels only when the spaces are occupied. A two lamp 4' T8 unit uses only 14 watts in standby mode.

All Occu-Smart® fixtures feature full integrated sensors, not unsightly 'add-on' devices, and contain our patented 100 hour lamp conditioning circuit. By keeping new lamps fully lit for the first 100 hours, maximum lamp life is achieved with no premature end darkening. Many models are available including units for compact fluorescent lamps, 2'-4' T8 lamps, and T5.

Why do I need Occu-Smart® ?

On average, high-rise stairwells are occupied less than 2% of the time. That means 98% of the time you don't need your lights fully illuminated. Think of the savings you could realize if your lights were on a lower setting 98% of the time. You can with Occu-Smart®. Occu-Smart® is a lighting system designed with automatic bi-level lighting capabilities, so it automatically dims to the standby lighting level when an area is unoccupied - providing greater energy efficiencies while still keeping the area lit.

Is it safe?

No one is ever left in the dark! Unlike simple motion sensors that merely switch lights on and off, Occu-Smart® luminaires remain at low energy saving light levels during unoccupied times and illuminate to full brightness upon detection of occupancy.

Most local codes require a minimum of only 1 foot-candle of light in stairwells. This is not much light. Occu-Smart® helps to provide higher light levels for safe egress while saving energy during unoccupied times. Our adjustable light level feature offers standby light levels of 5, 10, 20 or 30% of full light output during un-occupied times. This unique feature also allows for the use of phosphorescent tape in the stairwells allowing you to customize the light level to ensure the tape stays charged.

Is it widely used?

As the leaders in Technology Enhanced Lighting, over 60,000 Occu-Smart® fixtures are in use across the country. Installations include office buildings, apartment complexes, hotels, hospitals, universities, military bases, and government buildings.
Where is it used?

The most popular application is stairwells in multi story buildings. These are typically lit all the time, yet seldom used. Occu-Smart® is not just for stairwells and our product line includes models for offices, corridors, restrooms, utility rooms and parking garages.

How much energy is saved?

Depending on existing fixtures, Occu-Smart® can save over 85% of energy costs while providing a safer and better lit environment. Our 4’ unit with two F32T8 lamps uses only 14 watts in standby mode. We have units that use as little as 8 watts!

Easy Installation: Just two wires and a ground! Installs just like a standard fluorescent fixture.

Commissioning is easy too, just set the sensitivity and dwell time to suit your application. Our five minute walk test mode allows for easy adjustment and testing. When you’re done, just activate the 100 hour lamp conditioning feature to ensure proper lamp life and walk away. The lights will stay at full brightness for the next 100 hours and then resume normal operation

What is Occu-Smart® HF?

Occu-Smart® HF fixtures utilize ultra high frequency sensors that can detect motion through plastic diffusers, and other low density items. They can be mounted behind a diffuser and allow motion sensor control in areas not well suited for ultra-sonic or infra-red technology. The HF sensors can be incorporated in many decorative luminaires and cannot be seen behind white acrylic diffusers. They are also well suited for interior parking garage luminaires. Many bi-level and on/off lamping options are available.