Occu-Smart® Patented Bi-Level Lighting


Easy to Install

  • Just two wires- installs just like any ordinary fluorescent fixture. After it's mounted, manually adjust the sensitivity and dwell time to suit your application. No need to re-open the fixture - you're ready to save.
  • Our Occu-Smart® technology can be integrated into many of our stock and architecturally designed fixtures. We also have a line of fixtures designed exclusively to maximize the performance benefits of the Occu-Smart® lighting system.
  • So whether your application requires a decorative wall sconce or a general stairwell fixture; Occu-Smart® will be your energy sentry- watching your watts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Additional Features

  • 100 hour lamp conditioning circuit. This ensures long life and proper burn in time to eliminate the problem of flickering, common to new lamps, motion sensor use and dimming ballasts.
  • Standby wattage consumption as low as 8 watts. Using a 1 light 25W T8 fixture.